From the “Lost” Section of the Lost and Founds

From the “Lost” Section
Of the Lost and Founds

Missing for the past few years
But seen occasionally
Behind rising western thunderclouds
Or under a theater seat
Once hanging from the second chord
Of Clair d’Lune
Several times, reports will show
It was spotted in the empty spaces
Of Ursa Major
And it caused an accident
On a dirt lane in Kentucky
When it flew out of a yellow oak leaf

You’ll know it by touch
Like warm mud between your toes
And its smell of crayon

Confirmation will come
Days later
When you find yourself humming
Quick medleys of childhood song
And reciting nonsense rhyme

Offering a reward for its recovery:
That you shall keep it
If first you contact me
With news that it survives
That it wasn’t blown up
Or mortally wounded by gunfire
Or trapped forever by a politician
Hammered into a campaign speech

But isn’t it true
That all things lost
Must be found

What goes up
Must come down

As you are searching
Keep in mind
It will be in the last place you look
And where you least expect it

Published in The Journal of Liberal Arts and Education Winter 2010

2 thoughts on “From the “Lost” Section of the Lost and Founds

  1. Jeanette Gallagher February 27, 2012 / 1:11 PM

    Intelligent, rational, humorous, perfection, beautiful, grief, relief, joy And All Too True!

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