Birds in the Sky and Weeds in the Yard

Yesterday’s sky made me dizzy. High cirrus clouds drifted eastward while fair-weather cumulus clouds surfed brisk lower currents. Vultures and seagulls spiraled on afternoon thermals, swooping low over the house before soaring out of sight too rapidly for my lens to focus.

Vulture Dec 10

Gull Dec 10

Underfoot, chickweed and henbit sprouted through mulch and rotting leaves, spreading beneath the pear tree and creeping into the iris beds.

Chickweed Dec 10

Henbit Dec 10

The sky made me dizzy, but every time I knelt to photograph a weed, quarreling gulls called me back to my feet. Then weeds lured me back to my knees. I spent a distracted hour switching the camera in and out of macro mode, kneeling and standing and kneeling again. It was almost a relief when the batteries died…