Ferry Plantation House

Ferry Plantation House

I spent Thursday evening at Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach. The tour focused on the property’s history of reported paranormal activity:  a long list of ghost sightings (including numerous accounts of a ghostly cat), eerie sensations, and unexplained noises.

I didn’t see, sense, or hear anything that I would describe as paranormal, but I confess a measure of skepticism. So would I recognize a ghost or spirit? Would I explain away the inexplicable, reaching for words like draft and reflection, echo and entropy? I admit a tendency to skepticism, but I can’t solidify my position into one of denial. As with many of life’s mysteries, I am conflicted.

What I can say with certainty is that I enjoyed prowling through the house, which is filled with interesting artifacts. My fascination with history borders on obsession, and the house contained more history than I could absorb in the course of one evening.

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I would love to hear from readers on the subject of paranormal experiences. Do you believe, or are you a skeptic?

3 thoughts on “Ferry Plantation House

  1. jeanryan1 December 15, 2012 / 8:19 PM

    I love your blog posts, Rae, as well as your lovely photography. In answer to your question about believers and non-believers, you may want to read my post “Ghost Stories” found on my blog at http://jean-ryan.com/ Happy Holidays!

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