A Windy Walk in the Park

Warbler Jan 30

Yesterday started sunny and mild. A brisk, warm wind raced ahead of a stormy cold front, and it was impossible to stay inside.

First Landing Jan 30

First Landing Jan 30

First Landing Jan 30

Mallards Jan 30

Egret Jan 30

Low tide had drained the marsh into a muddy network of puddles, many of them marked with fresh tracks.

Fish Jan 30

Print Jan 30

I would have stayed longer, but the sharpening wind made trails increasingly unfriendly. Cones clattered down from the canopy. Branches creaked and scraped. Trees swayed so hypnotically that I gave up on watching the trail and staggered along with my attention focused overhead, stumbling over roots and ruts.

First Landing Jan 30

I also spotted dozens of potential nest cavities.

First Landing Jan 30

First Landing Jan 30

When a long-dead tree shattered across my path, I decided it was time to find the car.

First Landing Jan 30

This morning, our damaged fence made me wonder how many more trees fell in the park overnight, and how many nesting places were lost.

One thought on “A Windy Walk in the Park

  1. Sharon Poch February 1, 2013 / 9:00 AM

    Love the stark beauty of nature in Winter.

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