A Short Walk in New Shoes

Tomorrow I am going on an Adventure! I’m so excited about the Adventure that I bought new shoes, which I decided to test by going for a walk today.

Geese Jan 10

I pulled into Ashville Park barely thirty minutes in front of a line of rain, so I didn’t have time to walk very far. I had enough time, though, to find the resident pair of domestic geese. These geese were featured in our local newspaper in 2010, “Sit back and enjoy the tale of Jack, the lonely goose,” and I’m happy they are still thriving.

Geese Jan 10

Geese Jan 10

Further down the road, I spotted an unfamiliar silhouette on a long, narrow pond. Before I got close enough to try for a photo, a sparrow began sounding an alarm and the slender diving bird disappeared. I waited a while, but the mysterious diver never returned.

Sparrow Jan 10

While I was photographing the sparrow (I believe this is a Song Sparrow), I spotted some unusual activity in a nearby stand of trees. Several vultures were resting together, at least five, and two more joined the group while I watched.

Vultures Jan 10

(The three in the bottom photo are definitely Turkey Vultures, but I can’t decide if the top photo shows a Black Vulture or an immature Turkey Vulture.)

Vultures Jan 10

More vultures were circling in as the rain arrived and chased me back to my car. My camera got a bit wet, as did my new shoes, but both have already dried and are waiting by the door for tomorrow’s Adventure. I may not be able to sleep tonight!

4 thoughts on “A Short Walk in New Shoes

  1. bardessdmdenton January 20, 2014 / 1:53 PM

    Lovely story about Jack and Bonnie … may their happy ending continue on and on … Lovely photographs and writing, too, as always, Rae! XO

  2. Fictionquest January 19, 2014 / 4:01 PM

    In my neighbourhood there is a rather large frog pond on private property that is in sight of the road I walk every day. Every spring it accomodates two ducks that produce a fairly large brood of ducklings which would be such a delight except the ducklings dwindle one by one… I imagine they fall victim to the wild life that live in the neadby woods and the domestic cats that live in the area. I keep wishing those silly ducks would find a safer nesting pl
    ace where their brood could have a chance at flying away and living their own lives. Alas, age and experience have not trumped habit.

  3. Gillian January 11, 2014 / 5:32 PM

    Hi Rae,

    Yes, that looks like a Song Sparrow, and I think that’s a Black Vulture. My field guide says that immature Turkey Vultures retain their juvenal plumage from July to November, so all your Turkey Vultures should have red heads now.


    • Rae Spencer January 11, 2014 / 8:40 PM

      I never thought to check how long it takes them to molt into adult plumage! Thanks!

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