Spider Eyes (Arachnophobia Alert!)

Spider Sept 28

This little jumping spider was not eager to have its picture taken.

Spider Sept 28

Also, it was able to keep at least one eye on me, no matter what angle I tried.

Spider Sept 28

Finally, after I stood very still for several minutes, the spider crept out into the open.

Spider Sept 28

For a few moments, as the spider and I engaged in a bit of mutual staring, my arachnophobia subsided to its lowest level yet – a vague too many eyes unease.

Spider Sept 28

Don’t expect me to touch a spider any time soon, or voluntarily walk through a web, but progress has been made.

2 thoughts on “Spider Eyes (Arachnophobia Alert!)

  1. jeanryan1 October 8, 2015 / 7:58 AM

    Love that last shot; he looks as interested in you as you were in him. Spiders do have a canniness about them, a vulnerability too. My partner loves them and saves every one she finds. Kudos on letting your admiration get the better of your phobia.

    • Rae Spencer October 16, 2015 / 2:09 PM

      I’ve been teaching myself to save them for a few years. (In the past, I had to ask my husband to do it.) In the process, I’ve almost perfected my Juice-Glass-and-Postcard Spider Transport System. I still feel shivery for a few hours, after saving one, but the shivery-ness is offset by a strangely satisfying sense of accomplishment. I tell myself, over and over again, that life is precious–even when it has too many eyes and too many legs.

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