From the Summer Archive

Rabbit July 29

Today’s winter storm should bring nothing more than miserably cold rain and a few flurries to our area, but I decided to stay inside anyway. I dug out my digital to-do list, pulled on my favorite socks, and settled in for an afternoon of computer work. Mid-way through organizing my 2014 photo archive, I opened a forgotten folder and found a forgotten cache of summer.

Squirrel July 8

These images don’t make my house warmer, and they won’t melt snow or ice, but they reminded me that summer is only a few months away.

Brown Thrasher July 26

Mockingbird July 20

It won’t be too long before spring rustles in — waking the yard’s flowers, urging birds to nest, and breathing life into new generations of insects.

Wasp Aug 31

Unknown July 6

Unknown Beetle Oct 10

Soon, sooner than February ever lets me imagine, it will be time to put away my favorite socks, turn off the heat, and open all the windows.

Caterpillar July 28


Hydrangea June 27

Through a Lens

My camera reveals a small, shy, distant world that I cannot enter on my own. The zoom and macro functions transform me into Alice, and I crawl eagerly through the tiny lens, emerging in a land of wonder.

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