Irises and More

Today’s survey of the yard found an abundance of irises, a few sleepy roses, and a single amaryllis.

There’s also a new species of dragonfly–one made of spoons. (Thank you, Sharon!)

And, ruling over it all, a grumpy robin. I’ve been attacked by nesting blue jays more than once, but today’s robin attack was a first. The irony is that I never would have found her nest, had the robin ignored me. Instead, she chirped and complained and tried to pull my hair as I knelt in the irises, which made me very curious…

Publication note:  Poetry Breakfast posted my poem “Rinse and Repeat” today. Many thanks to editor Isabel Sylvan!

More Nests

The blue jays have retired to their nest next door, abandoning the yard to robins and rabbits. Both seem satisfied to stay a while. The robins are building a nest in the pear tree, and the rabbits have excavated a series of test-nests. I’m ridiculously excited, almost giddy with anticipation…