Warm Spell

December 4 Daisy

With swirling breezes and temperatures in the seventies, today might have been mistaken for spring.

December 4 Dandelion

December 4 Dandelion

The pear tree shrugged off its cloak of leaves and stood all day, bare-limbed, in a pool of gold and brown.

December 4 Leaves

December 4 Leaves

December 4 Leaves

Robins and warblers perched on sunlit branches, their restless urge to forage temporarily forgotten.

December 4 Robin

December 4 Warbler

But today’s weather shouldn’t fool any of us, trapped as we are in winter’s web.

December 4 Cicada Molt

An early dusk approaches, wheeling night behind it. Sleep is creeping through the yard, with months to go before waking.

December 4 Cocoon

One thought on “Warm Spell

  1. bardessdmdenton December 12, 2012 / 3:57 PM

    Exquisite, Rae! I always enjoy your beautifully worded descriptions. (I think nature does like to fool with us a little … )

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