Snow at the Beach

Beach Snow Jan 25

It snowed at the beach on Friday, just in time for my annual weekend with the writers.

Beach Snow Jan 26

We stayed at a hotel on the Virginia Beach oceanfront, where we laughed and ate and sat around in our pajamas as we read to each other and critiqued chapters from works-in-progress.

Beach Snow Jan 26

All the while, it was so cold outside that Friday’s snow couldn’t melt.

Beach Snow Jan 26

Beach Snow Jan 26

Saturday afternoon I spent some time on our icy balcony, trying to photograph cormorants, seagulls, and dolphins.

Birds Jan 26

Birds Jan 26

Birds Jan 26

Birds Jan 26

Birds Jan 26

Dolphins Jan 26

Clouds raveled and gathered again, the sun came and went, and the ocean flickered from gray to green to blue.

Beach Snow Jan 26

Beach Snow Jan 26

All day Saturday the surface looked silky and smooth, but Sunday morning’s high tide rumpled it into restless wrinkles.

Beach Snow Jan 27

After I got home, I felt restless, too. Uncertain of how to proceed from here. The weekend was so perfect, and the house was so warm, and I was indescribably happy.

How could I ever want more than what I have right now? More than these comforts and luxuries I am so grateful to have known?

4 thoughts on “Snow at the Beach

  1. lynnwyvill January 28, 2013 / 10:00 AM

    Oh, wow! That sounds like the perfect weekend – writing, reading and laughing with writer friends! And at the beach!!!!! Perfect. The photos are fab, as always.

  2. Sara Lier January 27, 2013 / 11:53 PM

    What beautiful scenery! Beaches have a special, different feel to them in the wintertime.

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