Pollinating the Pear Tree

It happens every year, and every year I spend hours trying to capture it with my camera.

Bee April 9

Every year I fail.

Bee April 9

The pear tree’s spring spectacle is impossible to capture in photos. Or in words.

Bee April 9

So many bees!

Bee April 9

The nectar explosion brings a horde of other pollinators, too. Enough to keep a taxonomist busy for weeks. Today I became distracted by a handful of lady beetles that were burrowing into the blooms.

Ladybird April 9 1s

At first I assumed the lady beetles were eating aphids, or other insects. But after watching a while, I decided they were there for the nectar, like everyone else.

Ladybird April 9

Everyone except me, that is.

Ladybird April 9

I was there for the sunshine and the photos, and the riveting wonder of it all.

Ladybird April 9


2 thoughts on “Pollinating the Pear Tree

  1. jeanryan1 April 10, 2014 / 7:39 AM

    Love these intimate photos of my two favorite insects. Thank you for them.

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