Hummingbird Hopes and a Publication Note

Honeysuckle April 9

A few years ago I spent several months filling, emptying, cleaning, and refilling three hummingbird feeders. Instead of hummingbirds, the feeders attracted wasps and ants. Disappointed, and convinced I had done something wrong, I put away the feeders.

Last year my hummingbird hunger stirred again when we lost our Fourth of July rose. Surveying the large gap in our yard, we decided to plant with hummingbirds in mind. After a bit of research, we filled the space with honeysuckle, bee balm, and Rose of Sharon. The honeysuckle and Rose of Sharon grew enough to open a few blooms over the summer and fall, but the bee balm was past its flowering season by the time we planted it.

Bee Balm April 13

Rose of Sharon April 13

All of the flowers survived our long, cold winter, and last week we added a few annuals to the mix (because it’s impossible to resist the instant reward of planting a flower already in bloom.)

Flower April 13

All we can do now is wait. Will they come?

Flowers April 13

My last bit of news today is a Publication Note — three of my poems are posted at The Blue Hour! Many thanks to the editors!

6 thoughts on “Hummingbird Hopes and a Publication Note

  1. Book Nanny May 5, 2014 / 4:54 PM

    Lovely post, Rae, makes me realise how much I miss having a garden – have to make do with indoor plants these days. I hope the hummingbirds come. Congrats on the poem publication also.

  2. timelesslady April 13, 2014 / 7:40 PM

    Happy Hummingbirding! Did you plant a few zinnias? Hummingbirds visit mine in the peak of the summer.

    • Rae Spencer April 14, 2014 / 6:42 PM

      I didn’t plant any zinnias so far, but I’m not through planting… 🙂

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