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September 12, 2015 / Rae Spencer

Nearing the End of a Hot Summer

Lizard Sept 7

Our hot, humid summer is turning brittle around the edges

Mantis July 27

Rabbit July 29

It’s reassuring, really, how fall arrives

Dragonfly July 28

Mockingbirds August 6

Even after the hottest of summers

Mantis July 31

I will miss the months of extravagance

Lantana July 6

Monarch July 21

But not for long

Bee July 17

Because spring is assured, even after the coldest of winters

Bee July 27


  1. jeanryan1 / Sep 12 2015 5:03 PM

    Oh I love your photography! Every picture is suffused with admiration for the subject.

    • Rae Spencer / Sep 12 2015 6:32 PM

      Thank you! You just made my day! 🙂

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