A Visit from a Jumping Spider (arachnophobia alert!)

He might have wandered in to escape the weather, or he might have simply been exploring. Either way, our coffee table is not the proper habitat for a jumping spider.

After taking these photos, I used the All-Purpose Bug Relocation System (a glass and a postcard) to move him into one of the flower beds.

Jumping Spider (Arachnophobia Alert!)

I found a jumping spider in the irises, and, after taking my usual maximum-distance/maximum-zoom spider photos, I bolted away in an arachnophobia panic gathered my courage for some macro shots.

The spider seemed fascinated by the camera. Maybe it saw a foe in the lens? Maybe it simply wanted to climb? Whatever its motive, I was terrified by impressed by the spider’s jumping ability.

Every time I moved the camera within macro range, the spider darted forward and leapt onto the lens. I got several blurry way-too-close-ups.

I also had a few too many “where did it go?!” moments.

Even so, I’m happy to have these photos for the archive. There’s something appealing, to me, about the spider’s “expression”.

After our photo session, the spider climbed onto the pear tree. Its camouflage was so complete that I soon lost sight of it.

I won’t be adopting a spider as a pet anytime soon, but it’s getting easier to photograph them.